With every hit he screams
Chocked by the steady knees
Broken are his dreams
Tears flowing like streams
A monster that doesn’t starter
A monster who is a father
With a last sigh he dies
Leaving a tearful sight
The monster who doesn’t care
Stands and stares
Leaving the scene with no care
Looking at his partner if he dares
With this a riot starts
Clear hate in their hearts
Just so pissed to stand
And see a broken heart
A broken family
Left untimely
People preach
Mouths screech
Blood drips
Skins bleed
Cells fill
Lives leave
Black lives matter they say
That they will riot today
That that was more than pain
That the perpetuates will payA slogan that’s so strong
But weak to all
Destined to fall
How can we choose?
That only us black we lose
That the world full of racism
Wants to wipe us full
All lives matter
The blood shed matters
All deaths matter


As I write with ink
I fantasize about your body ink
Like a creep I smile
Knowing how it turns my inside
Yeah I may be crazy
But you are so sexy
So tough you stand
Showing us the fact
That you are the best girl
Who makes men fall and drown
In their watery mind
Stories of her past
Made to last
Stories of her future
Show how she is pure
Letters of love
Letters of lust
I made a portrait of your name
So that I dream again
Touching your name
Till I become insane
Your body so brown
But made dark by a crown
A beautiful flower
For the beautiful lest flower
A rose red
Burning with passion to the neck
An angel For my angel
With every color blend
My eyes melt
The sweetness of them
Make me want sex
Make me crave for some pain
To make me her name
Drawn on my face


Poetry are words of feelings
Poetry is what one is feeling
But today it’s what am dreaming
What my mind is screaming
Today I met my crush
Close together I felt my mind crash
I could not help laughing
That at my jokes she was smiling
That to me she was high fiving
But she didn’t know that my heart was crying
Because I was lying
That to my mind that she is nothing
Her eyes today made my mind hide
Their beauty turned me blind
She stood in front of me like a goddess
Too perfect for everyone to notice
Her smile was so perfect
She made me want to stalk them
Her perfect shape
Made me melt
She stood there for me to stare
Like a creep I glared
Picturing her in my arms
Holding her firm
While smelling her perfume
As I drool pretending to be cool
Now I image her lips
Craving for my kiss As I drown into her kiss
As I shake on my knees
As I try to please and appease her needs
But all those are fantasies
And she lives in reality
I write this poem
To show how am solem
My crush if you read this
I hope you feel pleased
That you are in my dreams
My sweet sally


Make up running down your check
Blisters running to your feet
You say am mad
Drowned and sad
That am high on drugs
That my emotions are not intact
But you don’t know the facts
You down know about my past
You don’t know why I hold you so dear
Why I call you my dear
Why my eyes are full of fear
Why my pillow is full of tears
I just can’t let you go
I just can’t be alone
You are my home
You are my safe dome
Without you close
My heart will fall
Each day as I open the door
As I see you tied on the floor
I feel safe
I feel tamed
I remember how we met
How we were locked in a tent
How you kept me safe
Made the sadness to leave
Each day we go on dates
Each day I buy you grapes Each day I make sure you hooked on dates
But why make me upset
Why try to leave our safe nest
Why break our love vase
You know I can’t hurt you
I can’t be mad at you
I tried to fulfill your dreams
I even got your tattoo on my feet
But you see me like am sick
Like am insane clean pig
I turned my house into your desire
I grew weed to drown my desire
You are too precious for the world
Too precious to be hurt
I leave my riches to you
Because you taught me sweetness
Yeah I know your family is in distress
I know you miss them
But they will not listen
That our love was written
That in the stars we were written
Together we will leave
Before you go
Before they take you home
Before they kill me
I want to tell you you’re my queen
I just want to tell you
I love you


Like a river I flow
Pouring out my feelings through the storm
Not strong enough to stand
Not strong enough to laugh
Looking at your picture am sad
Remembering the time we had fun
You grew on me like moss
Shining green on a rock
You made me happy
You made my life stunning
Never would I have dreamed having you in my life
Would have made me stop to sin
Waah my lifeline you were
My picture perfect love
Now each day I stare
Looking at the pictures I glare
Wondering how you fare
Feeling like a wild mare
I try to forget you
But you are embroided in me
You are sunk like a tattoo
Deeper in my life too
I smoke weed to see you
To fantasise about you
I really neeed you
I really miss you
I really feel empty without you
This pictures I have Show me that you are my half
I try to delet them
But I don’t want it to end
You have a leash on me
Invisible that I see on me
Like ed sheran
We leave our love
In the photograph


What is beauty?
What is love truly?
As she stands there
Many admire her strands of hair
Like stalker they picture
How they can steal and keep her
Many nations envy
Her persona they pity
But today truly
We show what true beauty is
Strong she stands
In the midst of haters she shuns
The evil voices she blocks
Because she knows she’s strong
Her melanin body
Makes many shun at her glory
No make on her body
She trends with glory
Her pure heart
Makes men flatter
Her eyes dark like the night
Shine with all their might
Always on the go
Happy to make people flow
With her beauty she’s an activist to many